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At Creative Media Skills we have a constantly growing bank of tutors. We understand the importance of perfecting key skills. Most importantly we understand that the soft skills accumulated from simply spending time with those who have great knowledge and experience is invaluable. We hand pick the most experienced and generous professionals from some of the biggest sets in the world. By being adaptable around working schedules, we succeed in continually persuading these top-level professionals to give of their time. All of our course leaders at CMS share a passion to enlighten younger crew coming up behind them. They love to pass on their huge knowledge and expertise that only years of experience can bring. Most importantly in this way existing and future crew receive highly professional training targeted to their greatest point of need.

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    Aldo Signoretti

    Course leader Aldo Signoretti is one of the best Italian hairdresser working on the Film industry. He has been nominated...

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    Alistair Reith

    Course leader Ali Reith has worked in the film, theatre and TV industry for the last 11 years.

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    Andrea Cracknell

    Course leader Andrea Cracknell is has been working in the film and theatre industry for more than 16 years. She is high

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    Andy Rolf

    Andy Rolfe's career started as a keen enthusiast of the work of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson and their talented team at ...

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    Anita Burger

    Course leader Anita Burger is a top hair artist, working in the film & TV industry since 1993.

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    Ashley Powell

    Course leader Ashley has been working in the industry for 13 years now, specialising in Prosthetics painting and sculptu...

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    Chris Fitzpatrick

    Course leader Chris Fitzpatrick has been making prosthetics and building creatures for the film, television and commerci...

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    Christian Routh

    Course leader Christian Routh was formerly a film buyer and head of selection at the European Script Fund.

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    Daniel Parker

    Course leader Daniel Parkerメs career in film started early when his parents met working on the set of Ben Hur. He spent ...

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    Daniel Philips

    Daniel has recently been nominated for an Oscar for his design work in ムVictoria & Abdulメ, and has won a BAFTA for ムFlor

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    Danny Marie Elias

    Course leader Danny Marie Elias is a talented make-up, hair and prosthetics artist originally from Wales. She has a weal...

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    David Anderson

    David was awarded a skillset bursary to study an MA at the London Film School. In his
    final term Ken Loach ...

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    David Mason

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    David Pope

    Course leader David Pope is a screenwriter, director and script consultant working internationally.

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    Donald Mowat

    Course leader Donald Mowat is one of the film industryメs most sought-after make-up artists. Born to British parents in M...

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    Elli Griff

    Course leader Elli Griff graduation from Central School of Art and Design in 1986, since then she has worked as a set de...

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    Eve Stewart

    Course leader Eve Stewart is a native Londoner who worked as a Theatre Designer for many years before going back to stud...

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    Gareth Tandy

    Course leader Gareth Tandy was born in 1949 in Rochford, Essex, England. He is an assistant director and actor, known fo...

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    Gavin Jones

    Course leader Gavin Jones is a leading Prop Maker in the Film and Television industry with almost 20 years experience wo...

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    Iain Smith

    Course Leader Iain Smith was born in Glasgow and graduated from the London Film School in 1971. He worked in London for ...

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    Isabelle Fraser

    Isabelle trained in Costume Design at Wimbledon School of Art in London after discovering a love for theatre ...

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