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Diploma Courses

Diplomas allow participants from all over the world to join us for intensive learning in their chosen area of expertise. Eachcourse has been designed with years of knowledge and specialist industry experience to ensure a learning like no other all in the heart of the largest studios in Europe here at Pinewood. 

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  • 8 Week Screenwriting for Feature Films

    Price: £5999
    Start Date: 05/07/2021

    This course is a 8 week course that will be split to online via zoom and also in person at CMS Pinewood Studios. The tutors that will be ruining the course are David Pope and Christian Routh.


    If you wish to apply, all applicants will have to submit a short synopsis for a fiction feature film project that is a maximum one page length.

    The weeks will include:
    Week 1 (At CMS Pinewood) - Turning an idea into a screen narrative, presentation of feature film concepts, writing an effective synopsis, title and logline.
    Week 2 (Online) - Creating film characters, back stories of characters, case studies of film characters.
    Week 3 (At CMS Pinewood) – Structure and writing treatments.
    Week 4 (Online) – Screenwriting, how to avoid common mistakes, case studies.
    Week 5 (At CMS Pinewood) – Dialogue, case studies, dealing with the industry.
    Week 6 (Online) - Participants complete treatment and scene writing assignments.
    Week 7 (Online) - One to one project meetings, with proposed revisions.
    Week 8 (Online) – Writing script reports and how to work as a reader, where to go next etc.

  • 12 Week Diploma in Prosthetics and FX

    This course is a 12-week Prosthetics and FX course which will focus on improving your core skills and understanding the foundation of FX and Prosthetics. The cost of this course is £7999 and the start and finishing dates are: 16/08/2021 to 05/11/2021

    In this course you will be taught:

    Understanding colour and colour theory.
    Skin colour matching which goes with colour theory and understanding colour.
    Hair punching
    Eyebrows and beards
    Basic sculpture
    Realistic skin texturing
    Fibre Glassing
    Mask Making

    At the end of the course, you will have to do two final applications projects, which will be assessed, and you will be given personal feedback and career mapping from both tutors. You will receive a certificate diploma signed by tutors Ashley Powell and Alistair Reith (more information about the tutors is on our course leader page) as well as the CEO of Creative Media Skills Institute.

  • Diploma in Costume for Film and HETV

    This complete 12 week programme covers the whole of the costume department in full and provides a thorough grounding from which to enter a costume department with skills and confidence. Over the 12 weeks with us you will be able to build a network portfolio and develop skills in key areas across pattern cutting, costume breakdown set etiquette and standby

  • Diploma in Screenwriting for Film and TV Drama

    This complete intensive programme has been specifically designed to allow you to develop, under expert guidance, both a feature film and drama series script. Whether this is a project already in development or you are starting from scratch this programme will support you into the highest levels of excellence.

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