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Adam Rose

Adam has applied his skills and knowledge in feature films, TV and theatre for almost 20 years and his involvement in prop making, practical SFX, scenic and weapons painting has seen his work recognised by the industry and is now an award-winning artisan in these fields.

Adam certainly has a plethora of experience to share as a tutor. He’s designed and built props for feature films, produced set elevations and ground plans for theatrical productions, constructed miniature models for theme parks and escape rooms, dressed sets for commercials and live events and his most recent work as a prop master can be seen as recent as 2022 in the upcoming XYZ produced horror film ‘Feed Me’

A fully qualified HE teacher, Adam has held QTS since 2007 and has been designing and running practical based courses for film and TV around the UK for several years, combining his professional film work and his teaching commitments keeps him relevant and credible as both a maker and a teacher of making.

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