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The CMSI platform enables highly experienced and award-winning screen industry professionals to pass on their invaluable knowledge and expertise to the next generation of crew stepping directly from set to our studio base, ensuring learners are industry ready.

We are a small team made up of myself, Valeria our manager, Elena our courses co-ordinator and Cassie our courses assistant.

CMSI are not an academic institution but are Industry. Every single person you meet over your time with us can help you further your existing or build a future career whether with words of advice, mentoring or direct employment.

Having grown up in this industry I have been around film all my life and worked for many years on productions both here in the U.K. and shooting on location around the world. It was my admiration and love of the incredible crews I grew up around and worked with that gave me the reason to create CMSI as a platform for crew to directly pass on their incredible knowledge and expertise to the next generation coming up behind them.


CMSI bring in working industry professionals to lead our training and work with them planing around their schedules to step off their latest shoot and to come in and pass on knowledge. All of our tutors are incredibly passionate about what they do and are incredibly generous about sharing their knowledge and expertise.


Since our incorporation in 2012 we have trained thousands of crew members who work on major international blockbuster films and high end TV productions made in the UK such as: Star Wars The Force awakens, Rogue 1, Spectre, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Game of Thrones, Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Jurassic World 2, Star Wars the Last Jedi, Marco Polo, Outlander, Jason Bourne, Pan, Wonder Woman, Ready Player One, King Arthur Legend of the Sword, Avengers and Guardians of the Galaxy, Poldark, The Queen, Doctor Dolittle, Mary Poppins, Solo a Star Wars Story, Beauty and the Beast, Cinderella, No Time to Die, The Little Mermaid to name only a few.....

Ailie Smith CEO

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