5 day Bleeding and Blood FX

Take your casualty makeup effects to an entirely new level on this Pro level master course.ᅠ

Course Price

£1048.00 inc. VAT

Course length


5 Days

Pinewood Studios


Course Summary

Wounds - gunshot & cut throat
Make silicone appliances
Perfect edges
Colour matching
Custom bleeding rigs

More Information

"Having CMS work on my resume and sharing my work from the course online has opened many doors for me, employers and other people in the industry recognise the quality of the education I received and as an International student, many people see it as a sign of my commitment the industry " CHASE CARDINAL FREELANCE MAKEUP AND FX ARTIST CANADA

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Previous Course Leaders

  • Mamas Pitsillis

    Mamas Pitsillis

    Born in London to Greek Cypriot parents, I have always had a creative bent. Done all sorts of work from Dress ...

  • Jo Adams

    Jo Adams

  • Jaco Snyman

    Jaco Snyman

    Course leader Jaco Snyman is a prosthetic make-up artist and concept designer living and working in South Africa. He rec...

  • Jeremy Woodhead

    Jeremy Woodhead

    Course leader Jeremy Woodhead is a makeup and hair designer best known for his work on Men in Black, Dr Strange, Jack Ry...

  • Lou Sheppard

    Lou Sheppard

    Course leader Lou Sheppard is one of the UKメs most respected and acclaimed hairdressers. She has recently been nominated

  • Daniel Philips

    Daniel Philips

    Daniel has recently been nominated for an Oscar for his design work in ムVictoria & Abdulメ, and has won a BAFTA for ムFlor

  • Aldo Signoretti

    Aldo Signoretti

    Course leader Aldo Signoretti is one of the best Italian hairdresser working on the Film industry. He has been nominated...

  • Luigi Rochetti

    Luigi Rochetti

    Course Leader Luigi Rochetti is an award-winning prosthetics make-up artist. He has an outstanding list of highly acclai

  • Jana Carboni

    Jana Carboni

    Course leader Jana Carboni is one of the top Makeup Artists in the film industry. She has a wealth of experience ...

  • Ashley Powell

    Ashley Powell

    Course leader Ashley has been working in the industry for 13 years now, specialising in Prosthetics painting and sculptu...

  • Chris Fitzpatrick

    Chris Fitzpatrick

    Course leader Chris Fitzpatrick has been making prosthetics and building creatures for the film, television and commerci...

  • Daniel Parker

    Daniel Parker

    Course leader Daniel Parkerメs career in film started early when his parents met working on the set of Ben Hur. He spent ...

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