Costume Standby

This Costume Standby Master Course is a truly unique training opportunity. Highly targeted and specific to film standby costume work.
Please note that the February 2021 course will be online via zoom, stretched to 3 days.

Course Price

£523.00 inc. VAT

Course length


2 Days

Pinewood Studios


Course Summary

Costume standby Principle
Crowd Stunt Script breakdowns
Continuity books

More Information

"Brilliant! So much information we wouldn't we wouldn't get anywhere else" KERRY BANKS FREELANCE COSTUME STANDBY

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Previous Course Leaders

  • Isabel Fraser

    Isabel Fraser

    Isabelle trained in Costume Design at Wimbledon School of Art in London after discovering a love for theatre ...

  • Sally Churchyard

    Sally Churchyard

    Course leader Sally has been working in Costume for over 20 years. She started working in the film and television indust

  • Peter Paul

    Peter Paul

    Course Leader Peter Paul is a Costume Supervisor/Assistant Designer with more than 30 yearsメ experience in the Costume D

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