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Art Department Essentials

Discover the different stages of the design and dressing process from the script to the screen, while learning about etiquette on set, set preparation and dissecting a script from a production design perspective.

Course Price

£1048.00 inc. VAT

Course length


5 days

Pinewood Studios

There are currently no dates available, please contact us for more details.

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Course Summary

- Structure of the art department
- What the art department is responsible for
- Interacting with other departments
- Breaking scripts down
- Understanding the implications of shooting schedule for art department
- understand how scale is used
- Making Scaled drawings
- Drawing set plans
- Making white card models from drawings
- Surveying locations
- Communicating with construction, props, production/location
- Technical recess, production meetings and on-set etiquette
- Health and safety, contracts, CV and portfolio advice

Our short courses are small groups that cater to both beginners and people that are skilled in this topic.

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