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2 Week Costume Department Training Course

A two week course giving the basic skills required to work in the costume department at entry level in film, TV and theatre.

Course Price

£1699.00 inc. VAT

Course length


2 Weeks

Pinewood Studios

There are currently no dates available, please contact us for more details.

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Course Summary

This short course will give you the basic skills required to work in the Costume Department.

- We will start by reviewing your CV’s and thinking about ways to look for work. We will also discuss the different roles within the costume department in film and theatre and where you see yourself fitting in.

- You will see how costume is used to tell a story and how we use silhouettes to convey different time periods. You will learn how to take accurate measurements, how to conduct yourself at fittings and the etiquette required around actors and colleagues.

- There will be a visit to a costume house where you can have some hands on experience.

- You will learn how to prepare for each new job, from reading scripts, research and putting together a kit list.

- You will learn about the different ways of breaking down a script.

- You will learn the different ways of recording continuity with principal actors and crowd.

Throughout this short course there will be lots of practical hands on work and you will record all the course work in a small notebook which will become a useful handbook for your new career.

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