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Terry Bamber

Course leader Terry Bamber trained as an actor at LAMDA. After ending up on the cutting room floor one time too many he became an Assistant director. Terry had the great pleasure to work on 101 and 102 Dalmatians with the legendary Micky Moore. Terryメs career has taken him around the world. He enjoys working in Bollywood, especially with actors like Shah Rukh Kham , Amir Khan and Salman Kham. Terryメs father , Dickie Bamber, worked on the very first Carry On Film and Terry worked on the very last, Carry on Columbus. Terryメs is one of the most popular and well loved assistant directors in the business and his huge amount of knowledge and experience combined with a passion to pass this on and advise newcomers on how to enter the Film and television Industry makes him one of our most valuable tutors here at CMS.

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