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Mark Fenn

Mark Fenn got a break as a runner for a commercials production company called Lewin & Watson eventually moving on to pop promos & low budget feature films. He advanced to the 3rd AD’s position working for the 1st AD Waldo Roeg on “Resurrection Man”, continuing to work with Waldo for the next two years. He then worked as a 2nd AD until eventually becoming a 1st AD on a low budget feature directed by filmmaker & artist Andrew Kotting. He has worked consistently as a 1st AD for 22 years working with Sir Steve McQueen on “Hunger”, Lyn Ramsey on “Morvern Callar”, Antonia Bird on “A Passionate Woman”, Marc Munden on “Conviction”, Catherine Hardwicke on “Miss You Already” & Paul Whittington on “Little Boy Blue” amongst many other projects. Many of his previous productions have taken him around the world working in a variety of different & challenging environments.

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