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Coronavirus: latest update 21st July 2021

General entry instructions

  • Please maintain 2M social distancing, whilst queuing to get to CMS reception.

  • Please queue one by one and do not enter until the receptionist calls you in.

  • If you need to use the lift, please ensure that there is only 1 person in it at a time.

  • On entry to the CMS studio, reception staff will check your temperature and usher you to your designated room.

  • Please sanitise your hands on entering and exiting the facility and each room.

  • Please always wear your face covering on the corridors and in communal areas.

  • We will be operating a bubble system; each class is its own bubble.


  • Staggered lunchtimes will be set and managed by CMS staff. CMS receptionist will come to the classroom to advise the class that it is now appropriate for them to leave the classroom in their bubble and go to lunch. Please do not leave for lunch until prompted by the CMS receptionist.


  • As the Pinewood canteen currently does not have seating areas, students will be allowed to eat within the CMS studio. This means that lunch can be eaten in the designated classroom. Students are responsible for cleaning the classroom before and after lunch and this will be managed by their tutor. We do urge students to visit the gardens to eat lunch whenever possible.


  • Refreshment facilities – Coffee & tea is available to be bought from the CMS reception, please bring change.  Please bring your own coffee cup. This service will be facilitated by CMS staff to minimize cross contamination. Facilities to warm up food are not available.



  • Face coverings must always be worn in hallways and communal spaces. They do not need to be worn inside the classroom in your bubbles. This could change in line with Government and health and safety guidelines. Students are expected to provide their own masks, in exception circumstance CMS is able to give you one.

  • Hand sanitiser stations - located outside of every room and on entry and exit to the building. Please use every time you enter and exit.


  • Sinks - wash your hands with soap as frequently as possible.


  • Cleaning - Classrooms are expected to be left by students in a clean and reasonable state. All products used or touched should be cleaned by students at the end of the day and put away where appropriate. Tutors will implement and manage an end of day process.


  • Temperature checks - will be made daily to everyone upon arrival.


  • Disclaimers to notify ‘clinically vulnerable’ – Before or on entering the building please report to CMS staff if you or someone from your household is classified as vulnerable.


  • Signage – All processes are clearly marked throughout the CMS studio.


  • Routine cleaning of communal areas – will take place at regular intervals by CMS staff.




People management

  • Bubbles system: each course is classified as 1 bubble and within the bubble you may at times be closer than 2m social distancing. If you wish to do so, you do not need to wear a face covering. You must follow increased hygiene routine. You must not mix with bubbles.

  • Classroom allocation - Where possible students will be advised prior to their session, which room they are allocated to. This is so that they can make their way to the room without loitering in communal areas.

  • Guests – will be managed by CMS staff and sent covid-19 guidance.

  • Registration – Will be managed by CMS staff.  A CMS staff member will go into the classroom and proceed the registration, which will be sent to the college weekly.


Fire safety - In case of fire, you must leave the building through the closest exit. Fire exit doors are labelled throughout CMS studio. Meeting point is in the car park, just in front of Props Building (CMS). After the designated Fire Marshall from Pinewood Studio has checked the building, you will be advised if it is safe to re-enter the building.


First Aid - any incidents requiring first aid should be reported to CMS reception. They will be logged and if required, Polaris Medical can be called on 01753 656239 based in block D room 43-45 within Pinewood Studios.


Allergies / Health Conditions – Partner institutions will share this information with CMS directly. Please let us know if you have any health conditions, we should be aware of.





The unfortunate spread of the Covid-19 infection is a concern to us all and we have, for health and safety reasons implemented several precautions in this respect. These measures have been implemented for the safety of you, our colleagues, tutors, and all families.

Therefore, we kindly request all of you to complete and return this Awareness and Prevention Form confirming:

  1. Had no coronavirus symptoms (high temperature; new, continues cough, loss or change to the sense of smell or taste) within the last 48 hours.

  2. Had no contact with persons infected or suspected to be infected with Covid-19.

  3. Did not travel to any prohibited locations as per National Guidelines in the past 14 days.

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