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Since day one Creative Media Skills Institute have worked hand in hand with the industry and the companies that support it, to facilitate their specific and targeted training requirements at the top level. We pride ourselves on being the trusted platform where top UK screen professionals are able to pass on their huge amounts of experience and knowledge to the next generation of crew at an internationally unrivalled level in the workplace.


Short Courses

Short courses range from 1 – 5 days long and focus on specific and targeted skills areas of need across the industry. Short courses are led by some of the most successful working professionals in the industry today who step off the set to come and lead these training opportunities.

Many of our participants on these courses are seasoned professionals themselves and we have pros from all over the word travel to join us at Pinewood for the chance to network, upskill, reinspire and share knowledge.

Diploma Courses

Diplomas allow participants from all over the world to join us for longer intensive learning in their chosen area of expertise. Each course has been designed with years of knowledge and specialist industry experience to ensure a learning like no other all in the heart of the largest studios in Europe here at Pinewood. 


Further Education Courses

Further education courses are designed to create access to direct from industry education through the UK further education system and are run in partnership with Bucks college group which means participants can obtain student finance and support to learn here with us at Pinewood studios. Whether straight out of school or mature students looking to transfer skills, these are specifically designed to support those interested in a career in the UK’s booming screen industries to gather the knowledge and connections required to forge a successful career.

Upcoming Courses

  • Fitting, Dressing and Applying Wigs

    Fitting, Dressing and Applying Wigs

    A Pro level opportunity to master the art of fitting, dressing and applying wigs.

    Course Price

    £1288.00 inc. VAT

    Course Length

    5 Days

  • Art Department Essentials

    Art Department Essentials

    Discover the different stages of the design and dressing process from the script to the screen, while learning about etiquette on set, set preparation and dissecting a script from a production design perspective.

    Course Price

    £1048.00 inc. VAT

    Course Length

    5 days

  • Costume Standby

    Costume Standby

    This Costume Standby Master Course is a truly unique training opportunity. Highly targeted and specific to film standby costume work.
    Please note that the February 2021 course will be online via zoom, stretched to 3 days.

    Course Price

    £523.00 inc. VAT

    Course Length

    2 Days

  • Wig Making

    Wig Making

    A Pro level opportunity to master the art of Wig making.

    Course Price

    £1048.00 inc. VAT

    Course Length

    5 Days

"Through networking at CMS, I was able to get my first industry job, and have since worked on a variety of tv dramas and films within the art department. I would highlrecommend completing a course at CMS" Rebekah Whelan Art director BBC

"Being hands on at Pinewood Studios is an experience like no other. The team at CMS always make you feel at home and like you truly belong there, the experience I gained from CMS has now enabled me to go out and work confidently in the industry" Jack Stangaard Freelance director

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