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Storyboarding,the Essential Visual Preparation for Film Making

Storyboards can illustrate the camera shots and movements that filmmakers have in their heads.

Course Price

£649.00 inc. VAT

Course length


3 days

Pinewood Studios

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Course Summary

- Drawing an interior from different angles and heights and objects of all sorts.
- Landscapes and environments
- Drawing daylight, time of day, mood and artificial light with watercolour pencils.
- Drawing a live model, walking towards us, away from us, from the side, a face from different angles and a group scene.
- Which way is the person or people looking? What are they doing?
- Are there references to paintings from art history in your film/project?
- Working with the director, are your drawings clear and understandable?
- Scene numbers, notes, directional arrows for camera and actor’s movements on your storyboards.

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