8 Week Diploma in Costume for Film and HETV

This complete 8 week programme covers the whole of the costume department in full and provides a thorough grounding from which to enter a costume department with skills and confidence.

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£5999.00 inc. VAT

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04/07/2022 - 26/08/2022

Pinewood Studios


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Course Summary

This course will open your eyes to what the roles and responsibilities are within the costume department and as a standby, which will include:
- How to breakdown scripts.
- How to understand, apply and flag costume related story information.
- How to be prepared for filming and aspects of set and dressing etiquette.
- Continuity, how to do it and why?

This course will also cover a wide variety of costume breakdown techniques including:
- Distressing & ageing fabrics.
- Dyeing fabrics.
- Colour matching.
- Screen printing for embellishment and decoration.
- Restoring/fixing aspects of costumes.
- Blood marks.

Course Date: 04/07/2022 - 26/08/2022

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"After graduating from a degree in embroidery and textiles. I decided to take the costume break down and dyeing course with creative media skills. I had always known I wanted to work in costume but I wasn't sure which department was right for me.
After taking the course with CMS I was absolutely blown away by my experience and knew for certain, that I wanted to seriously pursue a career in dyeing and breakdown."

"I work as a costumer and breakdown artist for film and television. While I had some incredible mentors at work who recognized my potential and nurtured my talents, being able to travel from Newfoundland, Canada in between productions on several occasions to take specialized short courses in costumes at CMS at Pinewood Studios allowed me to build on my skills, and learn new and advanced techniques from experienced professionals in the field. I highly recommend the courses at Creative Media Skills to anyone at any stage in their career in film and television, and I am eager to return to take more courses in the future."

"During the 5 day course, we went though the basics of breakdown printing and dyeing.
Jane was very happy to work with us in what we wanted to achieve and by the end of the week we had broken down a large item of clothing and created a range of dye samples.
The course was a really inspiring experience. I am extremely happy I took my course with CMS. I have now gone on to work in theatre and film as a breakdown artist and dyer. I feel the course with CMS was a real stepping stone in my career. I couldn't recommend enough!!"

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